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City: Volos
Region: Volos
Country: Greece

Square Meters: 91,000
Status: Active

Full Description: FOR SALE - THE PELION ESTATES - UNIQUE HISTORICAL TOWER, TWO VERDANT OLIVE GROVES, PERFECT LOCATION For those who value the exquisite rare beauty of Greece. Pelion is a prime tourism destination in the Mediterranean. The Investment Comprises of a 17th Century four level Tower, 4 warehouses and 2 twostorey residencies. Also 91,000 sq. meters of land with 1300 Olive Trees (many of which Ancient). This blog will inform you about the details and history of this historical piece of land. It will also show you why Mount Pelion is a unique investment and holiday destination. History Of the Tower: The Tower was built nearly 300 years ago to serve as the Russian Consulate, by the Russian Ambassador in Greece, called Atlazas. Its visual characteristics combine building elements of Mountain Pelion of the 17th, 18th and 19th century. In 1897, during the war with Turkey and while the Turkish army was invading the Western Pelion area, the only building they didn’t approach was the Tower because of the Russian flag flying on its roof. Today the Tower is in good condition as it was resided permanently until 1981. • "The Tower" consists of a unique and rare traditional stone-built tower of 400 square meters inside nearly 6,000 square meters of land with an additional two-storey residence of 300 square meters. Planning permission has been granted to build additional 555 square meters in the land included. • The tower is the tallest building in the area and a landmark and point of reference for the locals.This is a location of outstanding natural beauty and enormous historical importance. • In this balanced synthesis of architecture (use of natural stone and local design elements) the Tower embedds harmoniously in the site's natural terrain and surrounding landscapes. • Every day amenities are within walking distance & very easy access to public transport. • This is a one of a kind property for development, a unique Historical Tower with great architectural interest. • Ideal also for the creation of a boutique hotel (transformation of the Tower and the two storey residence – a permit can be issued for its renovation with relevant grants existing for its conversion into an A class hotel), as well as additional residential development or creation of a supermarket unit or other amenities to serve the wider region since it is located right on the National road of Pelion (the passing point of thousands of people every day). • Located 1 km from the Mediterranean sea with a breathtaking sea view of the Pagasetic Gulf. • This stone built property is very well insulated due to the 1,4m thick stone walls. This means that in summer the temperature is cool even without air condition. • The quiet but central location is ideal for a holiday home but also for a permant residence. • The Tower is furnished. • The views to the sea and the mountain are really extraordinary. • The property of the Tower could be acquired as a whole or separated into a) the Tower + the 2-storey residence + 2,200 square meters of land & b) 3,800 square meters of flat land right on the national road of Pelion. • It is important to mention that the properties of the Pelion Estates are all free from all loans and obligations, the titles are clean and all these (and any other issue that may concern the investor) could be checked by the real estate lawyer of the potential buyer prior the purchase (The largest plot of land in the wider area!!!) The Seaside Olive Grove Details: • " Tranquil and nurturing, the Pelion Estates are blessed with this one of a kind olive grove. • Age-old traditional methods, combined with the most modern techniques are used in order to produce the finest extra virgin olive-oil made from the unique Pelion variety olives, grown in Pelion's seaside groves. • The Seaside Olive Grove is a 50,000 square meter parcel of flat land with 700 Ancient Olive Trees coupled with a lovely two-storey residence (300 square meters) and 4 warehouses (150 square meters). Every day amenities within walking distance and easy access to public transportation. • This property apart from its agricultural use as an olive grove, is suitable for the creation of traditional luxury villas (builds 1000 square meters) or a hotel/resort complex (builds 10.000 square meters). Also suitable for the creation of an equestrian park with luxury villas and other landscape architecture uses you may wish. • This is the largest plot of land in the wider area. • It is located 500 meters from the Pelion National road and 300 meters from the Mediterranean sea, with a great sea and mountain view. • Annual Return On Investment of the land through hospitality development is estimated at 8 - 10 %. • Land value highly likely to appreciate greatly in the coming years due to the recent merging of the municipality areas of Pelion with the capital’s (Volos) municipality and the desire of the later to include within planning permission most of the properties included. • The land is flat and is until today being cultivated meticulously. • The neighborhood is a wonderful area for walks and fitness activities, i.e. running, cycling. • Distance from nearest airport (airport of Nea Aghialos ) is 25kms. • Distance from nearest city (city of Volos) is 10 kms. • Distance from nearest port (port of Volos) is 10 kms. • Distance from the center of Ano Lechonia village is only a few minutes walking distance. • Quality and ambiance seems to be in every corner of this eclectic location. • This enchanting site Ideal location for a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. • Nearby facilities include tavernas, supermarkets, restaurants, post office, banks, boat shelter and a medical centre. The Mountainside Olive Grove • Total Size: 35.000 m2 • Number of Olive Trees &Type of Olives: 600 olive trees, producing large edible and oil producing olives (Pelion variety) • Infrastructure: None at present • Location: North East of Ano Lehonia, Pelion, Greece (10km from the city of Volos, in the mountain area of the road to Agios Vlasios) • Planning Permission: Not currently available • Advantages: Land is still being cultivated since many decades, considered to be the most fertile land in Greece, water supply is available, spectacular view of the Pagasetic Gulf • Development Potential: Olive oil farming, Residences development Ancient Olive Trees • The Pelion Estates host 1,300 of the oldest and biggest Pelion Variety Ancient Olive Trees of the wider area on their 85,700 sq. meters of land. • Around 300 trees are100 years old, the other 1,000 trees are from 350 years old to 1,000 years old. There are 4 trees on the property that are dated 1,000 plus years old. • Their visual appeal and immense energy could at least be described as extraordinary. Their gnarled, thick trunks with large branches and green/silver leaves are simply works of landscape art. These Ancient Trees, some of which resemble a very large bonsai, produce a large quantity of big, edible olives (green and black) and one of the best quality olive oil in the world. • The Ancient Olive Trees consist of a Greek National Treasure and a living History of our land. • It is not random many claim that, "In the '90s the popular tree was the palm, but now it is the olive." • Lastly, it is worth mentioning that existing land of Mountain Pelion is recognized among the most fertile in the world and with ideal climate for cultivation of not only olive trees but almost any agricultural produce. Useful Information Capital of Magnesia: The City of Volos Population of Magnesia: 230.769 in 2001 Population of Thessaly: 753.888 (ESYE 2001) # of beds in Hotel Properties (2008): 20098 Land Area: 2636 square km Gross Domestic Product per capita (EURO 2006): 16854 No. of Manufacturing Companies (employing over 10 employees 2006): 75 Manufacturing Companies Investments (2006): 92.1 mil. € Industrial areas: yes Industrial parks: yes Employment of Locals: Volos is a fully urbanized Greek city with a large population in tertiary employment (52% in tertiary industry, 42% secondary and 6% primary) and with relatively high disposable income Colleges & Universities: University Of Thessaly Language: Greek (a lot of Greeks speak very good English) Religion: Most of the population is Greek Orthodox European Union: A member of the European Union since 1981 Currency: Euro Telephone Code for Greece: 0030 No. of Private & Public Hospitals: 11 Airports: • Nea Anchialos Airport • Skiathos Airport “A. Papadiamantis” Banks: Most Pelion Villages have ATMs that accept most International Bank Cards while the city of Volos (only 10km away) has many bank subsidiaries of both local and international banks. The price is negotiable! Regards from Greece Ioannis Vezagiadis Broker Hellas Real Estate Invest & Partners Kouma 4 GR 41222 Larissa Tel +30 6973404771 Mail:
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